Ava Addams Strips Down to Get Wet

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sexy hot and juicy temptress Ava Addams is all dressed up in black and white lacy lingerie for you. She delights in the way it shows off her perfect body. But this lovely lady is hungry to be nude. She wants to be a naked babe in a hot jacuzzi and loves the thought of you being in there with her. When she touches herself, you can see how wet and ready she is already. Then she gets in the water and you can imagine how delicious that hot and soapy water feels as it caresses all her sweet and sensitive flesh.

She lifts herself out and uses the sprayer right where it counts the most and you can almost hear the moaning right through the picture. Ava Addams just loves to get her jacuzzi action on and she’ll probably cum at least two more times before getting out. Don’t you wish you were there?

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Ava Addams is Total Siren in Polka Dot Bra and Panties

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The always gorgeous Ava Addams is a total hottie in her black heels and lingerie. Just look at how the ruffles on the skirt barely cover what’s between those legs. Ava Addams is a babe that knows exactly how to get a man. She’s a beauty with a perfect body – it doesn’t take much more than a smile to complete enrapture men.

There’s something about that slick bald pussy of her’s that causes men far an wide to salivate. Just imagine spreading her pussy open and getting your tongue deep inside. These softcore pics of Ava Addams show her stripping down to the nude form we love her in. It’s this kind of porn that leaves your spank bank overflowing with material!

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Ava Addams Official Site

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ava Addams doesn’t let her horny fans down with all of the incredible content on her Official Site:

My site offers many erotic finds for all of my fans to enjoy. There’s numerous pics of me caught in very naughty positions – a must for anyone that can’t get enough of my awesome tits! Of course, there’s videos as well. Whatever you like – boy-girl or girl-girl, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Ava Addams Fucks Herself With Glass Dildo

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You thought you were showing up for a simple massage. But suddenly you were informed that your regular guy was unavailable and you were offered a massage by Ava instead. Willing to give the new girl a try, you agreed to meet with her. But when you found the dark-haired vixen waiting for you in super hot lingerie, breasts bare and beautiful, you knew that this was going to be so much better than a simple massage. You sat back to take in the hot and horny show.

Ava Addams, naked, then explains to you how she believes in massaging the mind first by performing for you in order to turn you on strongly. Once you are really hard and ready, Ava will massage the part of you that needs it the most, until you explode in a frenzy of lust that leaves you nice and relaxed and ready for your day. Her technique is guaranteed. Are you ready?

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Ava Addams Gets Fucked Hard on a Chair

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey there ladies and gentlemen,Do I have treat for you all In this weeks Btra update we have the gorgeous Ava Adams with us and she is looking better than ever! her tits are looking amazing and that ass my oh my that ass is getting bigger. So on to the fun stuff she starts teasing me with her amazing body and tits and goes to work on my dick honestly one of the best blowjobs EVER!

She fell in love with my cock licking it and stroking it and lets not forget about that ass on her I was mesmerized by how luscious it looks so I had to eat her ass out and she loved every minute of it.On to the sex and this girl has a reputation of being a good lay but damn I didn’t know how good until she was riding my dick and I had some close calls because she was jumping on my cock but all in all i managed to control myself and tear that ass up if you know what I mean, All In all it was an amazing update with a goddess of a woman,Stay tuned.

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Ava Addams Fucks Her Daughter’s Boyfriend

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ava Addams knows that her daughter, Nicole, isn’t all that bright sometimes, but she still wants to help her succeed in the new job she wants. Ava decides to grease the wheels by letting her daughter’s would-be boss, Mr. Sins, grease up her asshole for some hard core anal exploring. It’s her first time, but Ava will happily take one for the team.

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Ava Addams with a Poolside Tease and a Good Fucking

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ava Addams is back with us and shooting a few spectacular flicks with us. I mean everything she shoots is gold as far as I’m concerned. We love having her… on her knees taking dick like she’s done something wrong. We love having her… sucking dick like a champ.

Ava is a trophy porn star and it’s a blessing to view her. It’s kind of like an eclipse. So beautiful, but it can hurt you if you stare too hard. What I like the most about this movie is Avas fantastic tits. She is a sexy beast and I would let her do whatever she wanted to do. Unlike a lot of flicks we see this one gets right to the point. Enjoy.

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Ava Addams Takes a Cock in All Her Holes

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ava Addams knows that sexual fun is largely a matter of give and take. She knows that when she gives a nice blow job, she gets a really hard cock to ride that will take her to some amazingly orgasmic places. This nearly naked babe is ready for that kind of pussy pumping action. The truth is, this dark and rather exotic babe really loves sex and she’s really hungry right now for orgasmic thrills.

When Ava is hungry and horny, she is very demanding. She’s more than happy to spoil her stud’s hard cock until it is willing to give her all the climaxes she wants. Her sweet, wet pussy quivers with anticipation – and then with release. An Ava Addams blowjob is just about the best kind of blow job you can get and when she’s done satisfying herself on her hard friend, she will suck it until it’s dry and happy too.

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Ava Addams Loves to Give a Hardcore Revenge Fuck

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ava Addams just found out that her husband is a cheating jerk. She was suspicious and followed him and sure enough, busted him with his mistress at her house. But instead of confronting him, Ava decided to wait. If you can’t beat them, join them, after all. So Ava decides to get even and have a little fun of her own instead when she seduces the mistresses husband, after letting him know he has as many reasons as her to get even.

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Ava Addams Gives Naked Blowjob

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ava Addams is one ultra-hot brunette pornstar that knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to spending time with a man and his cock. She is spectacular at wrapping her luscious lips around a big juicy cock and sucking it until it’s ready to explode.

Then the horny naked babe opens her sweet pussy lips up for some hardcore fucking, giving her and her massive bouncing titties plenty of sloppy orgasmic fun. The only thing better than Ava naked is an Ava Addams blowjob and pussy fucking and this sexy baby knows how to do both with absolute expertise!

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Ava Addams Makes Her Boss Cum

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ava Addams wants to be Keiran’s new office assistant and she’s willing to do anything she has to for the job. She’s got plenty of competition for the position. Francesca Le, Vanilla Deville and Veronica are all after the job too. But Ava knows that no one can beat her skills once she brings her A game to the table. Her cooch is hot and her mouth is ready. Bring on the competition!

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Ava Addams Strips Out of Pink Lingerie to Masturbate

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hot and luscious, with long, dark, sexy “fuck me” hair, Ava Addams is every man’s fantasy. She loves to show off her rockin’ body in pretty lingerie and she just loves this little hot pink number she picked up recently. When you see her in it, you’ll know exactly why it’s so great. When clothing hugs her figure so perfectly, Ava simply can’t resist it. But then the greater fun becomes taking that clothing off – nice and slow for maximum teasing, of course.

She bares her breasts for you first, letting you gaze with wonder at her nude flesh and hard nipples. Then it’s time for the sexy panties to disappear, leaving behind one super hot and delicious naked babe, ready to take things to the next level. That’s when the toy comes out. Ava Addams slides it inside of her nice and deep, fantasizing that it’s you. Are you fantasizing too?

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Ava Addams Fucks Her Boss Hard

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ava Addams is the office assistant that every man would love to have, and Mr. Bailey, loves to have her hot and horny body every chance he gets. Not only is she good at all the normal routines of the job, but this little tart can suck start a lawnmower and when she gets her big titties and tight, wet cunt involved, she is the perfect way for her boss to relieve his stress.

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Ava Addams is Sultry in Purple Lingerie

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ava Addams looks downright edible in her plum colored lingerie and she wants you to know that she really is every bit as juicy and delicious as she looks. She loves to show off her naked body for you, and this babe knows how to do it in the most tantalizing ways. She wants you so hungry for her that you’re ready to dive your face in until your mouth is all wet with her juiciness.

When you see Ava Addams naked, you can’t help but get hungry for her like that. She is a dark-haired vixen ready to cast a spell on you until your every thought is an obsession for her beautiful body, face, hair, and smile. She wants you horny to the point of distraction, until you are practically panting in your need to possess her entirely. Only then, will Ava Addams be happy.

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Ava Addams Gets Her Yoga Sex Groove On

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ava Addams can’t get enough cock. No matter how much she gets, she always wants more. In desperation, she even tries yoga, hoping that the peace and serenity will drive cock from her mind. But all the stretching and spreading of her legs just makes it even worse, and she starts having some amazing, cock-filled fantasies that drive this little nympho totally crazy.

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